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Wonderful Beaches in Lombok Island

Lombok’s stunning coastline is home to endless stretches of beach and tiny coves to explore. However, often, it can be challenging to navigate on your own if you are unfamiliar with the area. To save yourself from driving around in circles, here are some of Lombok’s most picturesque and secluded beaches.

Pantai Tunak

Set within Mount Tunak National Park, this gorgeous beach is tucked between limestone cliffs. From Mount Tunak, you can see the beach from above; all while watching the waves roll in. If you plan to spend the day at Pantai Tunak, be sure to bring your own food and water, as there are no restaurants nearby for lunch.

Mangsit Beach

Closeby to Senggigi is Mangsit Beach. While it is set within a busy area, it remains a quiet retreat. With black volcanic sand scattered across the beach, Mangsit Beach is the perfect place to relax all day or even learn to surf. When the sun begins to set, enjoy a drink on the beach and watch the colours of the sky light up.

Pandanan Beach

This quiet beach is a beautiful place to retreat for lunch. Enjoy seafood and some drinks, all while overlooking the Gili Islands. The views will keep you for hours, and this quiet cove is the perfect place to relax on the sand, all day long.

Sire Beach

In the north coast, Sire Beach showcases incredible views of Mount Rinjani in the background. The gentle water is the perfect place to swim or explore by canoe. Lined by palm trees and greenery, Sire Beach is a beautiful place to spend the day.

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is just a short drive from Kuta Beach, but it remains a peaceful haven. With hills framing the bay, it brings a variety of waves and conditions. Towards the edges of the inlet, the conditions are calm and perfect for swimming in. Near the middle of the bay, stronger waves roll through. With limited options for food, consider bringing your own if you plan on spending all day here.

Surprisingly, Pink Beach is one of the most remote beaches. Tinted pink by the coral in the water, this natural wonder is worth visiting during your holiday in Lombok. Bring food and water if you plan on spending an extended time here. Towards the end of the bay, a hill overlooks the beach, allowing you to access views across the gorgeous coastline.

Kaliantan Beach

Kaliantan Beach is set in the south-east of the island and surprisingly attracts very few visitors. On some occasions, you will even have the entire beach to yourself. The sparkling water and soft sand make it the perfect place to relax and recharge. For a day of adventure, try kite surfing, which is operated on the beach.

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