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Hidden gem in West Lombok

Belongas Bay a Hidden Gem in West Lombok

Belongas Bay in Lombok is a hidden treasure tucked away from the tourist. The calm waters and breathtaking underwater world make it a paradise for divers, especially with the chance to encounter majestic hammerhead sharks. The lack of extensive development adds to its charm, providing a genuine and peaceful escape. The remote and less crowded atmosphere allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, creating a memorable and stress-free experience. Belongas Bay truly stands out as a tranquil haven where everyday troubles seem to fade away, offering a unique and authentic getaway for those seeking a quieter and more natural slice of paradise.

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Lombok Island is located within sight of Bali in the Indonesian Archipelago and still remains an unspoiled tropical paradise destination. Described by some as the Bali of twenty years ago, Lombok is much more than that, having a unique culture which blends Balinese and Sasak traditions in warm and friendly environment. Lombok is uncommercialized with small tourist developments on the west and south coast, providing a laid-back and unhurried atmosphere for those seeking a truly relaxing holiday. It is an island of beautiful deserted beaches, lush tropical forests and waterfalls amid undulating mountains. The volcano, Mount Rinjani dominates the inland view while Bali’s Mount Agung is clearly visible across the straits. The island of Lombok is a voyage of discovery, an idyllic holiday adventure. Travelers find an unspoiled tropical paradise so rare in today’s crowded world.

“BELONGAS BAY LODGE” is found on the scenically spectacular south coast of Lombok.

Secluded in a shady oasis of coconut palms beside the powdery sand of the beach of the tranquil bay of Teluk Sepi (bay of serenity).

This is an idyllic destination to experience the serenity and scenic isolation of this unique and peaceful pocket of Lombok. A genuine getaway, Belongas Bay Lodge is an oasis of tranquillity for the adventurous soul. 




Simply a Retreat.

Belongas Bay Facilities
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