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a Hidden Gem in Lombok

Belongas Bay is a hidden gem in Lombok. This bay is suitable for you who like adventurous things, because it laid in quite remote area. But once you step into the beach, it will take your breath away.

In the south beach of Lombok island, hide a beautiful bay like a high-class painting, called Belongas bay. This bay is laid between small hills and quite far to be reached. The road to get here is also twisting, and you need for about 15 minutes down the steep hill to get into this bay’s beach.

As a place for tourism, this bay serves a magnificent beauty. The beach along Belongas bay is not completely has soft and white sand but the waves are calm and the water is clear. Along the this lombok beach there are small hills where you may use it as place to relax under the palm trees, and there is also building for worker to rest and to keep working equipments.

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