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Belongas Bay

Belongas Bay promises one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok island. Located in a remote area south of Lombok, a wide range of adventurous activities await at Belongas Bay. The bay can be found between small hills and quite difficult to be accessed.

Belongas Bay is the second-best option for surfing in Lombok after Bangko Bangko. Inside the bay, surfers have a range of breaks to choose from, with some promising world-class surfing. The beach at Belongas Bay stretches of opulent, white sand for those who prefer not to brave the depths and just chill-out in this lesser-known part of Lombok.

Belongas Bay is a place known for excellent surfing – and ironically, also shark diving! It is ironically, also shark diving! Sharks gather around Sophia Luisa Rock in Belongas Bay – hammerheads, whitetip and blacktip sharks, but also manta rays, turtles, and a wide variety of fish life. Many people who come to Belongas Bay are professional divers as the lower bays in this bay can be quite challenging to conquer.

Those who are not surfing or diving can opt to snorkel or even hike the small hills surrounding Belongas Bay. Interestingly, Belongas Bay is also known as a center of pearl cultivation where pearls are mostly exported to Japan. Fishers come in large crowds in the afternoon or late evening. It is an enjoyable sight to see them going about in their daily routine.

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